S1 | Historical Census Project - Developing a Canadian Census data discovery portal

This presentation seeks to build on the in-depth, collective expertise of the DLI community, and will also provide a brief update on the project. As key stakeholders implicated in the proposed Canadian Census data discovery portal, this DLI community discussion will provide valuable insights across a range of structured questions about what makes for good Census data discovery.

Thanks to the knowledge of the DLI community in terms of Census end-users, Census data and documentation, together with their access portals and uses, the feedback from this presentation will make a valuable contribution to the project and will help guide the development of Canadian Census data discovery portal proof-of concept.

November 24, 2021

13:00 ET


    Presented by:
  • Susan Mowers (University of Ottawa)
    Shannon Leitch (University of Ottawa)
    Leanne Trimble (University of Toronto)

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